March 2019

whaT'S Up - news about the Technology Solutions Unit's work and our Forest, Fire Management applications (FFM Apps), including FireWeb, eMap, IRIS & EM Drive.
Where does the time go! From our last edition, it's time again that we share whaT'S Up in TSU with you.

New Tarnook App to be released to the Apple App Store

The Tarnook App will be the new place to access the GO FireFighters app. Currently in development the new Tarnook iOS app is scheduled for release by June 2019.
The app was funded by the Department's Safety Committee to allow better field access to the Department's Job Safety Planning information and to allow for in field use of digital forms.


EM Live - Video Streaming from Aircraft

You can now access the live video stream from log in using your FireWeb username and password.
Currently the service is available for 4 aircraft, another 4 planned. Firebird 300 being the first aircraft with the technology. 

FireWeb Refresh Project - News and Notifications in UAT 

A unified Notifications and News/Alerts System is currently being developed and is in UAT. It allows for user generated news/notifications to be sent to the web app, Tarnook and More To Explore mobile apps. 
When this feature is released into production users will be able to subscribe to the notifications they want to receive on both the web and mobile apps.

eMap Water is now Available  

eMap water is now available, for water based incidents, floods, storms, blue green algae, cetacean standings, dam breach. Worked with water division and SES to build these new map templates, tools and access data. Still working on integrating with other systems. Access to eMap Water and other eMap sites are restrcited, for approval please see the FireWeb Mapping Page.

IRIS ShaRP Trial in Gippsland   

In May 2018 TSU Emergency Resource Management Stream Lead held a multi agency workshop with Resource Officer SME's to demonstrate 2 Shift Planning Tools (ShaRP and DRaC). The preferred option was ShaRP.

IRIS ShaRP is a forward planning tool that allows Resource Officers to: 


EM Live Screen

whaT's been done

Fuel Management System (FMS), Burns & Works and PBRAT

  • Ability to complete Burn Complexity Questionnaire in the new system
  • Ability to change status of fuel treatment
  • Ability to add attachments to fuel treatment
  • Ability to auto-save data in ePBRAT which enhances user experience and protects against data loss


  • New Public Visibility workflow released to enable users to toggle the fire shapes visible on the public website
  • New Consequence Report for floor and storm added to the Water site
  • Tree Hazard Risk export map template added to eMap Bushfire 
  • EPA Stockpile Sites data added across the sites
  • New Forestry Protection Survey map viewer created by the TSU Mapping Team. This viewer was created in collaboration with the Monitoring
    Evaluation and Research Unit, and is designed to provide the public with the ability to view the locations and extent of surveyed coupes,
    survey schedules and survey results. The viewer is available to the public via the Forest Protection Survey Program website 

FireWeb Refresh Project

  • Notifications and News - Work Continued on the development of a unified Notifications and News system.
  • Dev Version of user generated notifications working with the Tarnook mobile app (iOS) allowing for shared
    devices and subscriptions.
  • Wildlife Emergencies - Development of the new Wildlife Emergencies section in the portal, copying all existing information from FireWeb Legacy to the new portal format. 

FireWeb Legacy

  • State Map - Update the Readiness tab of the State Map to show recommended IMT/activation level as per JSOP 0.203



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whaT's coming up

Fuel Management System (FMS)

  • Ability to add consents and permits in a fuel treatment
  • Ability to add and view ignition sequences 

FireWeb Refresh Project

  • Implementing new permissions and user role model
  • Fuel Monitoring Portal
  • Works Module to systemize job safety planning
  • Incidents Module
  • The FireWeb Refresh Team will be supporting the development of FMS in the short term also


  • Works are under way to create FireWeb | Reports | Burns Reports in PowerBi 


  • Changes to fuel management tactical line layer to facilitate future integration with the new Fuel Management System
  • Integration of ISD’s Image Web Server into eMap so users can view up to date aerial imagery
  • Addition of Context Cam photos in eMap
  • Improvements to Public Visibility workflow to address interstate incidents


Did you know!

You can test the new functionalities in FMS by clicking here and use your FireWeb credentials to login 

eMap Helpsite
Check out our new content in the eMap Helpsite  We are progressively building this resource with how-to documents, tips and tricks. 

TSU Release Notes and Comms
TSU now have a dedicated page for all our release notes and communications. To keep a track of all the changes and updates we make click here!                                                                                                   

Thank You

  • A continued thanks to all members of the User Reference Group and others involved in Fuel Management who have assisted the project team

About Us

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Our vision is to create innovative technology solutions that deliver business value and enable a mobile workforce. Technology Solutions Unit (TSU), is part of the Capability and Logistics Branch, Infrastructure and Resources Division, Forest, Fire and Regions Group, within DELWP. 

TSU creates in-house applications to enable Forest, Fire and Regions Group (FFRG) and its partner agencies to collaborate and manage information for emergency events and risk management. FFM Applications are the primary source of integrated emergency and risk management information.


TSU key responsibilities:

  • Deliver fit-for-purpose technology and systems to meet Forest, Fire and Regions and the emergency management sector requirements
  • Coordinate the development of new tools across Forests, Fire and Regions Group
  • Provide geospatial systems, development, data management and analysis to support Forest, Fire and Regions and the emergency management sector requirements
  • Manage radio communications systems to support Forest, Fire and Regions and the broader emergency management sector requirements
  • Collaborate with Corporate Services and fire and emergency management agencies in the delivery of communications and information systems.


TSU is Agile

TSU follows the principles of Agile methodology. This means we are flexible and move swiftly to bring your suggestions to fruition, through adaptive planning, early delivery and continuous improvement.

Our Agile Values

  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

While we see value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.

When you send us an idea, we collect them in what’s known as a backlog – a list of work for prioritisation based on business value. We have one Product Owner per app, who are empowered to make decisions relating to the direction of our applications, and solely accountable for the success of our products.

All suggestions are prioritised based on business value. The Product Owner will contact you to ensure we meet requirements once it reaches the top of the backlog.

Feel free to contact us to discuss the progress of your request. You might like to come and discuss your ideas in person with the Product Owner.

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